Friday, November 10, 2017

Hello, Kendra!

Kendra Dushac-McCarthy has been with MDTC since 2010, shown here in a performance of khaleegi dance.  (Photo by Gary Heller.)

  I began dancing at the age of 3 so I don’t remember very much about what inspired me to dance. However, I would imagine it was my mother and my grandmother.   My mom was very musical, and also taught aerobics classes when I was very little.  Some of my earliest memories were dancing right next to her at the front of the class while she was teaching.  My grandmother was an excellent polka dancer, and was always dancing around the room.
   I’ve always had an interest in World Dance, so Middle Eastern Dance complements my
personal aesthetic. I love percussive instruments! I studied many different cultural dance forms from Salsa to Southern Classical Indian Dance, West African etc. As a modern dancer, I took technique classes very seriously. I would attend Samara’s Middle Eastern class on Friday nights just to have fun and let loose! I never imagined where it would lead me.
   The more I became involved with Middle Eastern dance, the more I was surprised by all of the varied styles, techniques and elaborate costumes.  Prior to studying this dance form I never really gave much thought to how different each culture's fashion styles can be.  And, I discovered I am most drawn to the khaleegi dance of the Gulf. It is so beautiful, feminine, liberating and spiritual.  I always look forward to performing this style.
   Being a performer has its challenges -- balancing work, rehearsal, training, being a wife, and making time to walk my dog.  No matter how talented or skilled a performer may be, if they cannot manage the juggling act of the intense lifestyle then they won’t be very successful.
   Mosaic has taken my dancing to another level by exploring new ways my body can move.  I am most passionate about our mission to represent the vibrant cultures of the Mediterranean.  Our fulfilling work is important, educational, intellectually stimulating and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to do what I love.

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